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At the beginning ...

There was no cat at home, maybe the memories of a bad experience or we just didn't really know them. And then one day, I found a little red kitten with a funny black spot near the the school in my village. I was sure not being able to love him, so I entrusted him to my friends and neighbors who had lost their Capucine ... sure to have found the right solution.

Some time later and a wicked twist of fate, our friends have suddenly left us forever. Merlin was left alone. I felt responsible for him, and above all, he reminded us so much our friends. We quickly decided to adopt him.


And this is how this wonderful love story began ... The love for cats, the love for one cat : the Maine Coon !

We wish you a pleasant visit on our site. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions.

Stéphane, Sylvie & Simon

What's new ?

06.12.2020 : Plans 2021

Plans for 2021 are online. Come discover them !

18.12.2019 : Newcomer

Welcome Pixie des Sentiers Sauvages !


14.08.2019 : New litter arrived !!

Veronica and Smile are parents of 6 kittens, born August 10th. See more ...

03.04.2019 : Show in Le Trait

We were on show in Le Trait, organized by CCNBPL.

Haister Onesty was nominated on sunday and Cardigans Smile Like U Mean It was nominated on saturday !


26.02.2019 : Show in Zandvliet

We were on show in Zandvliet, organized by Felis Belgica.

Haister Onesty : Best in Variety and Nomination !


25.02.2019 : The first litter 2019 has arrived!

Jenna and Pippo are parents of a single kitten, born February 17th.

07.01.2019 : Plans 2019

Plans for 2019 are online. Come discover them !

07.12.2018 : New generation

We also decided to keep Haister Olsenn and Haister Odogaron !


28.11.2018 : New generation

We are pleased to introduce the new generation Haister !
Haister O'Riordan Dolores and Haister Onesty stay with us. And we welcome Cardigans Smile Like U Mean It, thank you so much Ângela and Renato !


06.11.2018 : Pictures of the kittens

Pictures of Maté's kittens are online !


20.09.2018 : Pictures of the kittens

Pictures of Eunike's litter and of Véronica's litter are online !


09.08.2018 : 3 new litters !

3 new litters were born in july. Pictures in a few days ...

04.07.2018 : Babies were born !

Babies from Mel Gibson and Luna were born in may ! See more...

26.11.2017 : Non Ho L'Età stays in the cattery

The page of Haister Non Ho L'Età is now online !


27.07.2017 : New pictures of the kittens

Kittens of Jenna and kittens of Xani are 2 months old! On the pictures below, Nabucco and Norah.


30.05.2017 : Babies were born !

We have 2 litters born in may ! See more...

29.05.2017 : Show in Mennecy

We were on show in Mennecy (France) organized by CCPPF.

Ashabelle Eunike : BIV-total and Best in Show both days !


06.05.2017 : Show in La Chaux-de-Fonds

We were on show in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, organized by the CCM.

Ashabelle Eunike : BIV-total, Best in Show and Best Kitten cat.2 on saturday ! BIV-total and Best in Show on sunday !


05.02.2017 : Newcomers

We welcome 2 females : Patayan's Maté Yerba et Ashabelle Eunike !


02.09.2016 : Our litter 5 is here

Veronika and Pippo had a 7 babies ! See the litter !

01.09.2016 : Show in Zandvliet

We were on show in Zandvilet, organized by Felis Belgica.

Mel Gibson Sky Beyrouth : Ex1/3 - BIV - NOM - on saturday

07.06.2016 : Our litter 4 is here

Jenna and Pippo had a lovely kitten born on may 12th. She is already booked !

06.05.2016 : New website

Welcome on the new website of cattery Haister. Enjoy your visit !

20.04.2016 :Newcomer !

Mel Gibson Sky Beyrouth arrived in our cattery ! A big thank you to Youssef !

10.01.2016 : Show in Nieuw-Vennep

What a beautiful weekend. Great evening at the hotel restaurant on Saturday night. Very good dinner with family. Sunday, a beautiful show in Nieuw Vennep with over 400 cats (100 MC). Very good results for our Véronika and a great day with our friends :

Véronika Alegra Caramellocoon : Ex1 - BIV Total - nominée


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