SC Pippo Perfetto Of CaramelloCoon DVM & Véronica Alegra of CaramelloCoon
Born on 11/07/2018

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Mel Gibson Sky Beyrouth & Ashabelle Eunike
Born on 16/07/2018

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SC Pippo Perfetto Of CaramelloCoon DVM & Patayan's Maté Yerba
Born on 30/07/2018

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Before adopting

Before adopting a kitten, take some time for careful consideration, click here.

Selling terms

Don't forget to read our selling terms.

Available : The kitten is available for booking.
On hold : Someone wants to adopt the kitten. We give him 10 days of reflection in order to make his final decision.
Booked : A deposit was paid ; the kitten is no longer available.
Evaluation : The cattery plans to keep the kitten. He could be available again later. Do not hesitate to show your interest.
Stays : The kitten stays in the cattery as breeding cat.

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