Selling terms

Our cats are part of the family and we would like to be the same for our kittens and their future owners. That's the reason why we kindly ask to each people who would like to adopt a Haister, a serious contact with a minimum of personal information.
We reserve the right to refuse adoption if all the conditions do not seem optimal.
For the uninitiated, we recommend you read our page, before adopting a kitten.

Price for kitten as pet is 1050 euros.

We don't want to write something about the price, nor something about the "typed Maine Coon cats" on our website. These questions are, nevertheless, welcome per private message and we are happy to give you our opinion in these (sometimes) two thorny issues.

The kittens will join their new families at about 14 weeks old ( + 2 for neutered females) ; they will be in order of vaccination, dewormed and identified by electronic chip. Their pedigree, a warranty agreement and a small starting package will be given.

Kittens sold as pet will be neutered, without exception.

You can put an option on a kitten for free for a period 10 days. Following this, a deposit of 300 euros will be asked to book the kitten. In case of cancellation, the deposit can't be refunded.

After the adoption, we will always be at your disposal for any questions or advice, and we hope, in return, to have regular news and pictures of our offspring. We will consider each departure of one of our babies as a reciprocal responsibility pact : the new owner having responsibility for the welfare, health and the love of the cat, and we give unlimited support to many legitimate questions that the owner may have.

Some of our kittens will be for breeding ! Breeders (approved!) wishing to adopt a Haister should contact us for special conditions.

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