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Friends breedings

Sesuvos-coon (Lithuania)

Funny Footprint (Germany)

Flosken Paradies (Germany)

Villa Verona (France)

Caramellocoon (Czech Republic)

Beyrouth (Czech republic)

Big Giants (Germany)

Glücksboten (Germany)

Patayan (France)

Ashabelle (Poland)

Cardigans (Brazil)

Liens utiles

Cabinet vétérinaire Leduc : The vet cabinet, located in Autreppes, consists of Dr. David Leduc and auxiliary Guillaume Michel. This team proves every instant availability, reliability and professionalism. Our cats are monitored exclusively by them, in who we place our full confidence..

Felis Belgica

Fédération Internationale Féline

The Animal Welfare at the center of the Walloon policy

Shavi Kata - Infographiste Freelance

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